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Disney Store Buzz Light Year Kids Buzz Light Year Costume

Disney Store Buzz Light Year Kids Buzz Light Year Costume

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Buzz Light Year children's costume is now available.
The costume that gives you a space ranger is a body suit-like design. It is part of the filling on shoulders and feet and expresses a powerful body of the character. With gloves and purple hat.
It is a perfect item for the event scene that you can enjoy as a character your child loves!

Information about this product

Size: 110: Height: approx. 105-115 (cm)
Chest area: approx. 53-59 (cm)
Body case: about 49-55 (cm)
Shoulder width of body suit: approx. 29 (cm) / Sleeve length: approx. 42 (cm) / Length: approx. 91 (cm) / Inseam: approx. 39 (cm)
Hat: Approximately 25 vertical x 18 x 1.5 (cm)
Gloves (each): approximately 29 x 15 x thickness 2 (cm)
120: Height: about 115-125 (cm)
Chest area: approx. 57-63 (cm)
Tests: about 51-57 (cm)
Shoulder width of body suit: approx. 32 (cm) / Sleeve length: approx. 45 (cm) / Length: approx. 103 (cm) / Inseam: approx. 48 (cm)
HAT: Approximately 27 vertical x 20 x thickness 1.5 (cm)
Gloves (each): approximately 31 x 15 × thickness 2 (cm)

Material: body suit (outer fabric, gray, fabric, coating, foam material / tail switch (polyurethane), fabric, mesh, clogged, lining (polyester)) / hat (polyester) / gloves (outer, mesh, mesh, lining (polyester) (polyester )), foam material (polyurethane))

Weight: Total: approx. 500 (g)


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